Bathroom in black & white. Charming comfort or cool elegance?

Black and white is a harmonious duo, promoted by designers almost every year, both on fashion catwalks and in bathing salons. The timelessness and versatility of this colour combination makes it perfect not only for bathroom interiors designed in retro style, but also for minimalist, cooler arrangements. Which one do you choose?


Proportions, lighting, accessories - these are three words, which should be the starting point for each designer who arranges a black and white bathroom. You cannot separate them and if you change or neglect any of these elements, it will ruin the dream of a perfect interior.


Classy bathing salon

White colour holds a special place in the interior design. Like no other colour, it perfectly reflects and visually scatters light, enlarges space, and combines well with most colours. - However, it cannot be denied that it works best in the company of black – with this combo you can create arrangements sparing in form but with elegance, class and style. Our designers propose large-format tiles in lappato finish from the Cambia collection, both on the floor and on a selected wall, complemented by a minimalist countertop with a shiny, textured washbasin in the shape of a bowl and a huge mirror. On top of that,  a lot of natural light and you have a ravishing effect - says Artur Sieczka, Cerrad expert. If the contrasting combination of black & white seems too extravagant and cold, we can slightly tone it down by introducing shades of grey into the interior and increasing the proportion of white. Such a change will surely warm the bathroom arrangement and give it a touch of subtlety.


Bathroom retro

Decorative bathrooms in retro style are an interesting alternative to modern interiors, in which there is no place for furniture with ornaments, collections of decorative vases or a cast-iron bathtub straight from the past decades. And although usually such arrangements are filled with warm pastels or a range of beige and brown tones, a retro bathroom will also be perfect in black & white. - The basis here is the floor - Cambia tiles with a matte finish, arranged in a checkerboard pattern, will give the space an unusual atmosphere of old apartment houses, which can be additionally emphasized by a graphite free-standing bathtub with beautifully decorated legs and a decorative washbasin placed on a metal frame. In such an interior, charm and comfort will come from carefully selected wooden cabinets, wicker baskets and interesting plants - advises CERRAD expert.


Mosaic water world

A mosaic is an very rewarding bathroom material is that will work both as a small wall decoration and as a dominant finishing material. Its use during the division of a bathing salon into zones will bring order to the interior. - We can decide on a black mosaic on the wall, complemented by contrasting large white tiles on the floor and equally interesting will be the omnipresent white, whose harmony can be intentionally slightly disturbed by a decorative strip of 'coloured' elements running along a selected wall - suggests Artur Sieczka. For the bold, we propose a unique bathroom, where a black grey and white mosaic will create a very spectacular, and at the same time, dynamic image in XXL size.


If you do not know what colours to choose for your bathroom, choose a combination of black and white! It is a classic that will never go out of style.