Feel the space! XXL gres tiles

Feel the space! XXL gres tiles 

Open spaces, large glass surfaces and demure forms, expressed by a minimal amount of colors, accessories or ornaments, have ruled for the past few years. These settings are where our large-format gres panels flourish, gaining in popularity among investors and designers. What are their strengths? 

Poles fell in love with architectural minimalism. The best proof of this are houses built in simple forms, all with flat roofs. They have been more and more frequently replacing buildings designed in the traditional style. Changes in the landscape force a completely different approach to the question of designing structures, as well as arranging the resultant interiors, where parquets, traditional wallpaper or ornamented furniture fronts are nowhere to find. What counts now is simple form, subtle colors and large formats.

Large formats – how large?

Gres tiles have been incorporated in architectural designs for ages. In the past, these were small elements with thick jointing. Today, the bigger they get the better. What sizes are we speaking about then? – Until recently, square tiles of 60x60 cm (24’’x24’’) were considered large. And although they still have a great appeal, they are slowly superseded by similar-shaped elements of 80x80 cm (32’’x32’’), and by rectangles of e.g. 60x120 cm (24’’x48’’). It’s no mystery that we have been working on much larger formats. We are planning to launch them soon. I am convinced that they will redefine the notion of the “large-format” tile – as Artur Sieczka, a Cerrad expert declares.

The force of universality

The decorative potential of large-format tiles is unlimited, which definitely contributes to their appeal. It is obvious that they are a perfect material for floor arrangements, as they create an esthetic, homogeneous surface that’ll always inspire awe. This effect is further reinforced with the use of 3 mm jointing with matching colors. When tiling walls, we can reduce this thickness even more (2 mm). In this case, tiling selected wall fragments, e.g. above the fireplace, which will perk up each arrangement, creating a cohesive flow with an identically finished floor. What is noteworthy, wall applications of our tiles are currently the most interesting alternative to paint, wallpaper or structural plasters.

Large-format décor

Large formats of gres tiles are perfect for minimalist, sophisticated interiors, ones that are characterized by simplicity and elegance. – Our 60x120 cm (24’’x48’’) tiles from the Batista collection will be a great fit for spacious, bright apartments, creating an ideal base for modern living room furniture or designer accessories in the form of massive lamps or an eye-catching armchair. In turn, bright-gray, square elements of 80 cm from the Lukka collection will create a homogeneous background for an open kitchen and living room plan, where a comfortable couch with soft apricot upholstery will serve as the centerpiece – suggest the Cerrad expert. What is also worth trying out are modular connections, where various tile formats are used on a single surface, often with a shared side, e.g. 120x60 cm (48’’x24’’), 60x60 cm (24’’x24’’) and 30x60 cm (12’’x24’’). And although this installation method is not the most popular, these arrangements will bring a certain dynamic and energy to the space.

Abundance of motifs and finishing styles

The sheer force of large-format tiles lies in the abundance of structures and finishing styles, as well as in their subtlety of colors. Concrete inspirations have swept the board for several seasons now. – With these clients in mind, we have prepared the Tassero collection. It is distinguished by its dusty colors, non-uniform surface structures and mat finishing, all of which are characteristic of raw concrete. What is more, the digital print technology we applied here allowed us to obtain various tile patterns which is perfect for large surfaces, as the pattern repeatability phenomenon virtually doesn’t occur here – assures Artur Sieczka. Investors have also displayed interest in wood-inspired gres floors – not only are they faithful reconstructions of their prototypes, they are offered in formats resembling available wood collections. Mattina collection offers colors evoking the natural material and is available in two formats 20x120 cm (8’’x48’’) and 30x120 cm (12’’x48’’), and will be perfect for creating interesting and dynamic drawings under your feet.

The colors of Cerrad gres tiles – from subtle gray through warm beige, to intensive graphite – reflects the current global trends in design. They are a perfect choice for minimalist interiors, as they will distract you from marveling your interesting details, ones that have been purposefully highlighted by the architect. 

Large-format tiles are definitely the future of modernist design. They are definitely worth following, since, due to their completely new dimensions, their definition is about to change.