Where mat meets polish. Cerrad presents gres tiles featuring the lappato finish

Choosing your flooring is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when designing your dream interiors. On the one hand, it serves as a background for other elements of décor, and on the other hand, it must be strong enough for every required usage. But how do you combine what’s prominently esthetic with what’s prominently functional? The answer is simple: choose designer and durable gres in the lappato finish.

For the last few seasons, interior design has turned towards minimalism, simple forms and respect for the space to be arranged. In this demure trend, the eye goes to the detail, an element that draws our attention, a distinguishing feature and the strongest point of the entire composition. All of these aspects can be attributed to our gres tiles in the lappato finish, ones that investors and designers have been so eagerly using to create backgrounds for trendy and slightly ascetic compositions.

A design play in light and texture

What is lappato exactly? It’s a finish to a gres surface that combines the advantages of mat and polished tiles. By applying an additional, carefully selected finishing coat, a part of the surface remains mat, while the rest acquires a silky polish which, with the right lighting, will create a unique visual effect in you space. With lappato, your compositions will never be boring – at different light angles, your tiles will unveil an entirely new, unknown face.

A wide spectrum of possibilities

A wide color palette – timeless white, warm beige, an entire range of modest grays, a bold brown and classic black in the Apenino, Tassero and Cambia collections, available in the semi-polished finish, are perfect for both mellow and slightly bolder compositions. With a diversity of formats, modularity, as well as the possibility of combining mat and lappato tiles, your interior designs will be limited by your imagination only.

Utilitarian values

Gres tiles manufactured by Cerrad belong to the group of glazed tiles. They are dry-pressed under high pressure, and then fired at approx. 1200°C. Gres products are characterized by low water absorbency properties (Eb≤0.5%), high breaking strength (≥35 N/mm2) and high hardness. They are frost-proof, have high resistance to abrasion, thanks to which they can be used both indoors and outdoors, both on walls and on floors. Additionally, they are resistant to chemicals and staining agents, and will form a perfect duet with floor heating. 

Cerrad expert advice: Tiles with the lappato finish from the Apenino, Tassero, Cambia collection are rectified, which means that they are characterized by high dimensional repeatability. Choosing rectified tiles, we’re guaranteed to receive a product of 0.3 mm in dimensional tolerance per each block. 

Manufacturer: Cerrad

Collections: Apenino, Tassero, Cambia

Available dimensions: 29.7x59.7 cm (12"x24"); 59.7x59.7 cm (24"x24"). The collection is supplemented by: an engraved stair and a baseboard.